Payments for everyone.

White Label Closed-Loop Payments

VeryPay is a white label, closed-loop mobile payment solution that can complement an existing payment system or provide a simple, straightforward, and easy to implement alternative.

Earn more

For every transaction, you’ll earn a percentage of the fees and won’t pay expensive service charges to card schemes or the payment service providers like Merchant acquiring banks or ISOs, or even to card issuers.

Reduce costs

With minimal implementation costs, low transaction fees and simple, transparent pricing - running costs are much lower than with open loop payment systems.

Increase loyalty

Merge loyalty points and payments, to enhance convenience and customer stickiness.

It's a win-win-win

You win

Your business builds more deployable cash within its ecosystem.
VeryPay enables customer deposits to sit within your own payment’s infrastructure.

Your customers win

Quickly and easily turn customers into merchants that can accept mobile payments.
VeryPay offers a simple downloadable payment application.

Your communities win

Enable financial inclusion for your customer community.

VeryPay allows your customers to enter the financial system without the need for a bank account.

for Telcos

for Retail

for Petrol Stations

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